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Virgin Atlantic.

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Virgin Atlantic has once again come up with something new for in-flight entertainment.  Their Little Red Service is providing LIVE, yes I did say live, in-flight entertainment.  These unique entertainment slots coincided with the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which ends tomorrow 26 August 2013.

The Virgin Atlantic Little Red Service, launched in the Spring of this year.  Is the airlines first domestic service, with flights from London to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Wait!  Sir Richard isn’t leaving it there, just because the Festival is ending.  Doesn’t mean the in-flight entertainment is.  In reading several articles, I learned that next month, there will be Acoustic Gigs for passengers to enjoy.  Lets all have a sing-a-long to American Pie!

Do you remember how impressive the Advert was celebrating Virgin’s 25 years in business? Glamorous Flight Attendants, sharp, smart uniforms and a handsome pilot.  I don’t mind saying that the Little Red Service and it’s in-flight entertainment tops even that Advert.

There will be around 26 domestic flights everyday, from London Heathrow Airport to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester.  The Virgin Atlantic Little Red Service, will make it easier for people to travel Worldwide from extended locations, as well as bring revenue into Scotland & Manchester.

Little Red Flights.

London to Manchester from £111.
London to Aberdeen from £148.
London to Edinburgh from £108.

Image By: Aero Icarus – Wikipedia.