Visit Los Angeles.

I Would Love To Visit Los Angeles.

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Any plans to visit Los Angeles?  It   is being highlighted this year in the tourism category.  Apparently, it is on track for setting a record  number of visitors from  around the world.  The Los Angeles Tourist Board are predicting that the city could see as much as 45 million visitors is year.  Los Angeles is the third most visited State in the USA.  The first being of course Orlando, (thank Disney for that), and then New York City.

I don’t know anyone living in Los Angeles, so when I go, it’s going to be a smart hotel or resort with courtesy cars and limousines.   (yeah right).  I don’t think I want to drive on the right hand side of the road, (no offence).  I have driven on the right side of the road in France, (weird), and a little when I was on holiday in Arizona.  For a week or long holiday, I think NOT.

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, (formerly LA INC).  Want to attracted more visitors from the business and convention world and more visitors from international holiday makers.  Hence the name change.

Hooray For Hollywood.
One thing I know that I would be doing when I visit Los Angeles.  The studio tours.  Oh yes, I’m a lover of the old black & white movies.  LA is the birth place of big movies, with big stars and the legendary 40s, 50s & 60s movies stars of the day.

We have great movie stars today, in Hollywood, France, the UK and all over the World.  It’s just that the stars of yesteryear still hold strong in my heart when it comes to true classic movies.  Will there ever be another “Gone with the Wind?”  I doubt it, and what about “Casablanca?”  True classics in every sense of the word.  Oh and by the way, to any movie moguls etc reading this.  DO NOT REMAKE THOSE MOVIES.  Some things are meant to be left alone, these two are among them!

A Few Popular Tourist Spots in Los Angeles.

Disneyland Park – 1313 S. Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA, USA.
The theme park is located in Anaheim, California.  It is was the first of the Disney theme parks to be built, and is part of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Group.  Built in 1955, on a 160 acre plot of land.  Major features are Magic kingdom, Critter Country (formerly Bear Country), and New Orleans Square which is a number of streets surrounded by restaurants and gift shops.  New Orleans Square also has the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the luxury apartment the Disneyland Dream Suite.  The Park gets over 15 million visitors every year.  Second only to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida who get over 120 million visitors each year.

Universal Studios Hollywood – 100 Universal City Plz, Universal City, CA USA.
The well known famous movie studios also has a theme park on the grounds.  Featuring all kinds of interesting attractions, rides.  The studio tours will give you a peak into the behind the scenes action on the move lot.  There is a tour called “VIP Experience”, it cost $249 per person.  Children must be aged 5yrs and above.  The other attractions are; Front of Line Pass, this ticket includes priority seating for all shows and priority access to the attractions and rides; prices from $129.00 – $149.00.  If these tickets don’t appeal to you, you can book a Buy a Day, Get a 2nd Day Free, this ticket will allow you to visit the tour a second time within a 30 day period, prices from $69.00  – $77.00.

Hollywood Walk of Fame – Hollywood Boulevard extending to Vine Street, CA, USA.
See the pink and gold 5 point marble stars that are placed all along a fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood.  The pink stars bear the name of the artist followed by the appropriate a symbol.  If it’s a single the symbol is a gold disc.  If it’s an actor, the symbol is a gold classic movie camera on a tripod, for someone from the theater, the double masks (smiley & sad face).  For television, a gold TV, and for radio an old fashioned radio mic.

If you are outside the US and want to visit Los Angeles, you can check out flights here.

You can visit Los Angeles via any of the major Airlines.  You might want to check out the cheap flight deals available.  Once there, you can shop in Beverly Hills, visit Disneyland and see the famous Hollywood Sign up close.  You can even go on one of the famous travel tours, you know the bus tours around the famous Hollywood state homes.

Photo by: Oreos.