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I am constantly reading about all kinds of travel.  Last week I read about how important UK holiday makers are to Portugal’s tourism industry. It looks like we Brits visit Portugal, an awful lot.  I’m not at all surprised, and you can add me to the list.  I loved my week away there.

Apparently, around 1.4 million Brits travelled to Portugal last year.  Figures that were up by more than 8% from 2012.  I know that Algarve Portugal is very popular, also Madeira and Lisbon, (the capital city).

My one and only visit to Portugal was to Cascais, a coastal town.  We did spend an evening in Estoril, had dinner, took in a show, it was great.  The only thing we didn’t do was hit the casinos, which was a little crazy.  As Estoril is quite known for it’s gambling entertainment.  (As least it use to be).

The roof top view from my hotel room amazed me, so many pinkish rooftops, with shutters.  A stark contrast to the brownish greys I was used to back in London.  I have no doubt I will visit Portugal again sometime.  I still think, the  lasagne I had in an Italian restaurant while I was there, was the best I ever tasted.

If you feel like a visit to Portugal, now would be a great time to book your holiday.  There are many deals on offer right now.  Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to know friends who have retired out there.  All you need is your return flight tickets and your away.

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