Visitors To Orlando.

Visitors To Orlando.

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It’s no big suprise to hear that Orlando is one of the most popular US States.  What might suprise you is that visitors to Orlando are the highest of any other US State.  Orlando is popular for many reasons. The climate, the beaches and of course Disneyworld.






More Than 50 Million Visitors To Orlando.

When the Tourist Board, tallied up the number of visitors to Orlando, they released the figures.  It was a total of international and US visitors, that contributed to the more than 50 million.

The most famous theme park in Orlando is Disneyworld. Other attractions like Magic Kingdom theme park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an animal theme park and the Epicot is another.  The climate, and beaches and good value for money doesn’t hurt either.  There’s no doubt all these major family attractions helped boost the number of visitors to Orlando, every year.

I’ve yet to experience Disneyworld, but hope that I will do so in the next year or so.  I can say, that everyone I know who has been to Disneyworld.  Raves about just how great it is, and how much there is to see.  All of them agreeing that they didn’t have time to see everything.

If you plan to add to the 50 million visitors to Orlando. Perhaps this Summer a fun family holiday would be a good choice.

Photo by Brian Kendig