Western Australia.

Western Australia.

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How about that, deep in Western Australia, a new waterfall has been discovered.  Named “Amaroo Falls”, and located at El Questro Wilderness Park.  It is situated in East Kimberly region of  Western Australia.  It is a popular luxury spot for adventure travellers.

The new discovery will make visiting the destination an even bigger adventure.  The park is privately owned, apparently it used to be a cattle ranch.  It covers about one million acres of land, around 1.7 times the size of the UK.

Adventure Holiday.

If you are an adventurer, love to swim, hike but would also like to combine your adventure with luxury accommodations.  El Questro Wilderness Park sounds like the perfect travel spot for you.  With the discovery of the Amaroo Falls, this would  make a truly unique adventurous holiday, in Western Australia.

If this is the type of adventure you would like to experience.  The main thing to bare in mind is the distance.  Depending on where you are in the world.  Prepare for many hours of air travel.  Travelling to Western Australia, puts the long in long-haul.

For package deals to Western Australia check out Opodo, BA, or Air New Zealand.   See our cheap flight deals page to compare prices.  As always, please make sure you take out travel insurance.

Photo By: Neil, wikipedia.org.