Whats On When.

Whats On When.

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In the first of many featured Whats On When articles.  We (all of us) are celebrating the start of the Paralympics.  Which is just about ready to get under way.  After the success of Team GB in the 2012 Olympics.  I’m sure the Nation has faith in our Paralympians competing for the UK.

The opening ceremony is tonight at 8:00pm showing on Channel 4 in the UK with Worldwide broadcasting coverage.  A series of whats on when articles will cover the Paralympics and other major events around the World.

Favourite Sporting Events.

We all have our favourite sports events, two of mine are Equestrian,  which starts with the Team Test on Thursday 30th August 2012, at 2:15pm.  The other sport I love is the Tennis.  Which, if I’m reading the schedule calendar correctly, starts on Saturday the 1st September 2012. Oh, exciting times ahead, I’m looking forward to watching and hopefully getting tickets.  (Can’t say any more on that, it’s very hush, hush)!  If you want a full schedule of events, go the Official Paralympic Website to find out just whats on when.

If you are in the UK, no doubt you would be up with the latest in parking and transport issues.  If you’re flying to the UK to enjoy the Paralympics, there are lots of information guides, and signs, that tell you the best ways to get around London.  These include travelling to and from the Olympic Stadium, and other Paralympics Venues.

Parking in and around any of the Paralympics Events will be prohibited.  However, if you simply must drive, you could always park a couple miles away and hop on Public Transport.  See our Car Hire Infomation Page  for more details about driving around London.  Better yet, why not fly to the UK to experience these Great Games.

Whats On When Major Event.

Event:  2012 Paralympics.
Dates:  29th August 2012 – 9th September 2012.
Venue:  Olympic Stadium and other Olympic Venues.
Times:  See the Official Paralympics Schedule.

Signing off from the first of the Whats On When Series, more to come soon.