Why Visit Glasgow Arts Festival.

Why Visit Glasgow Arts Festival?

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The question shouldn’t be why visit Glasgow Arts Festival?   It should be why NOT visit Glasgow Arts Festival?  It will take place next Spring so there is plenty of time to plan your trip.  Besides the Glasgow Arts Festival, Scotland is a wonderfully historic Country.  There is so much to see, you couldn’t get through it all in a couple of weeks.

GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art), will be showcasing contemporary works of art.  Along with the Tramway and other performing arts venues.  The full details will be announced in the Autumn, until then there are plenty of other locations you could be thinking about visiting while you are there.   The lure of viewing such major works of art, should answer the question; why Visit Glasgow Arts Festival?

There are many fine Guest Houses, Luxury Hotels and Resorts.  The James Villas Adverts make you want to go and stay forever.  Let’s not forget that Scotland is host to St Andrews, one of the famous Golf  Open torument in the World.   St Andrew’s is also Europe’s biggest premier Public Golf  Course Complex.  It is based in Fife, which is only about an hour away from Glasgow.  A perfect chance for a day out of fun and cluture, St Anrew’s is an impressive complex.

The University of Edinburgh, whose past notable Alumni include Alexander Graham Bell – does his name ring a bell?  Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes Creator).  Robert Louis Stevenson (Author: Tresure Island).  History, history history.  Edinburgh is aprroximately one hour away from Glasgow.  Another chance for a good day out to include in your intinery.  If you are still thinking why visit Glasgow Arts Festival?  These few examples of places to go should help you make up your mind.

Officially the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

Event: Glasgow Arts Festival.
LOCATION: Glasgow, Scotland.
DATES: 20th April 2012 – 7th May 2012.
TIMES: TB Announced.
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Photo by Paul Birrell Wkikipedia.org.